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Past and Upcoming Events From Our Friends At The SD Grasslands Coalition

The South Dakota Grassland Coalition recently teamed up with Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition and South Dakota Farm Bureau to host Elaine Proese at the "linding Fairess in Farm and Ranch Iransition, tools to talk about tough issues workshop. These workshops took place over three days with the first day beginning in Norfolk, Nebraska, followed by two stops in South Dakota in Chamberlain and Rapid City.

Elaine Froese, Award-Winning Author & Coach
Elaine Froese, Award-Winning Author & Coach

Froese is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and an award-winning Author and Coach. She specializes in coaching farm and ranch families who want better communication and conflict resolution to secure a successful generational transition. Elaine has a gift for bringing clarity with workable and practical tools. Larry Eisenbraun, a South Dakota Rancher, said "Elaine's presentation on Finding Fairness will help me by getting my expectations right. I also learned to ask, 'What does a good day look like on the place, farm, and home.' When I am listening, I am always learning something." Another young rancher stated, "I feel Elaine's seminar provided both options and new ideas in moving ahead the transition with our family.

Understanding how to navigate problematic areas and pitfalls that may help me keep the ranch operational for the generations to come."

To view more upcoming events such as Ranching For Profit Workshop on January 26th or the 44th Annual Rancher's Workshop on January 25th visit


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