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SD Grassland Coalition’s Prescribed Fire Classes & Field Training

We know that when folks talk about fire, it can be just plain scary. Wildfires are nobody’s friend, and any producer in South Dakota knows what devastating effects wildfires can have on the landscape, properties, and lives.

As scary as fire can be, what if we view fire as a part of the ecosystem? A tool that, if wisely and effectively used, can immensely benefit the land. A tool we can effectively use to manage woody encroachment and cool-season invasive grasses. Any tool, a chainsaw, a combine harvester, a bucket loader, if people aren’t properly trained in handling those tools carefully, the property will be damaged, and people will be hurt or killed. The SD Grassland Coalition’s Prescribed Fire Classes & Field Training is an opportunity to understand this scary, but incredibly powerful tool. It will give you new insights into what it can do for your land. Field sessions are just around the corner, please act now, and educate yourself. It could change your life – we mean it!

The Prescribed Fire Classes and Field Training is for landowners, non-operating landowners, & agency staff; all are welcome. During the training, you will learn how to plan and implement burning on your own land. This training includes the basics of planning, preparation, and conducting safe and effective prescribed fire. Participants MUST complete one of the evening classroom sessions OR the classroom training offered on the morning of the field day to participate in the live fire training sessions. Those registering for field days will receive additional details in order to prepare for field day events.

This is a great opportunity and completely FREE of charge. Come on out, and don't forget to invite your neighbor! Field Session Dates April 18-19 (Tues-Wed) - Brandon April 25-26 (Tues-Wed) - Astoria May 16-17 (Tues-Wed) – Astoria

All Classes and field days are FREE

Contact Jan Rounds at SDSU Extension Watertown Center 605.882.5140

CLICK HERE for a link to a printable flyer!


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