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Sign-up Deadline Approaching for EQIP and CSP is Approaching – let’s invest in Resilience!

When we talk about resilience, we are talking about the land’s ability to rebound and be productive even under the harshest conditions. South Dakota is no stranger to extremes in temperature and moisture; sometimes, the land needs a little help. We think the most important investment a producer can make is in education. For example, do you know how granular soil structure is created and how it may affect your land’s resilience bottom line? South Dakota is blessed with many grassroots organizations that work to educate farmers and ranchers who may be interested in rangeland, farmland, or wildlife; to mention just one or two would mean we’d leave others out, so take a look at the list of organizations below.

While education will allow producers to stretch their dollars on the ground, programs like EQIP and CSP can provide essential funding for farmers and ranchers to help their lands become more resilient, and when the lands are more resilient, it translates to improved farming and ranching businesses. We think the 2024 EQIP and CSP funding is a huge opportunity to change or to add value to any farming or ranching operation.

This is a reminder to all of our producer friends out there that the sign-up deadline for 2024 EQIP and CSP funding consideration is on November 3, 2023. If you’re thinking about applying, please don’t delay getting to your USDA field office to sign up – help the NRCS help you to help the land!

Link to the SD announcement is here.

Organizations that are Currently Partnered with NRCS

South Central RC&D, SD Grassland Coalition, National Fish and Wildlife Federation, SD DANR Resource, Conservation and Forestry, SD Stockgrowers Association, American Bird Conservancy, SD Discovery Center, National Wild Turkey Federation, SD Soil Health Coalition, SD Association of Conservation Districts, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, Ducks Unlimited, Inc., The Nature Conservancy, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Society for Range Management.


Visit these “Growing Resilience Through Our Soils” information pages:

1. Podcast page for drought planning fact sheets, Q&As, news, podcasts and more.

2. Video page to watch videos of other ranchers’ journeys toward improved rangeland/pasture.

3.Follow Growing Resilience on social media:


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